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2017, 224 pages, 7.5" x 9.25"

Booth 11

  • Fiction

    Kelcey Parker Ervick

    Aubrey Hirsch

    Kirsty Logan

    Erin Kate Ryan

    Cady Vishniac

    + more



    Helena Chung

    Stevie Edwards

    Kallie Falandays

    H. K. Hummel

    Bety Johnson-Miller

    + more



    Emily St. John Mandel

    Joyce Carol Oates

    Elizabeth Strout

    + more



    Krista Christensen

    Marya Hornbacher

    Sarah Layden

    Annalise Mabe

    Brenna Womer

    + more


    Cover Art

    Tara McPherson

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